9175 Eton Ave • Chatsworth, CA 91311 • (818) 501-1970

Lee Chesley

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PHONE: (801) 458.9944
HEIGHT: 5 ft
WEIGHT: 100 lbs
SKILLS: Fight Choreography and Previz, Groundpounding, (separated by comma, not in list form): Example: Gymnastics (NCAA Div 1 level), Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do, Boxing, Fight Choreography and Previz, Grappling, etc.), Groundpounding, Firearms (NRA Instructor w/Entertainment Firearms Permit). Special Skills Wrecks, Wirework, Breakdancing, Tricking, Parkour, Motorcycle with M1... View Profile Online
TRAINING: Professional Breakdancer who specialized in power moves such as head spins, flares, windmills, and blow ups. Much of that movement easily converted to ground pounding, parkour, and tricking. This had added into the fight choreography and fight previs world as well. Stunt Fighting: Sae Kang (Kali) , Mark Musashi (Fight Choreo); Wirework: Michael Li, Jean-Charles Rousseau, Tim Storms, Joe Perez, D... View Profile Online
DESCRIPTION: Sponsor J.J. Perry, "Lee has a background in martial arts (jiu jitso specialty)and break dancing. She's a power tumbler, excellent wire rider, has great physicality and has been training at 87Eleven for the past year and a half - her fight ... View Profile Online