9175 Eton Ave • Chatsworth, CA 91311 • (818) 501-1970

Lon Gowan

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PHONE: 818-613-2244
HEIGHT: 6 ft
WEIGHT: 173 lbs
SHIRT SIZE: Medium ~ Slim, Neck 15 1/2 Sleeve 34-35
PANT SIZE: Waist: 32-34 Inseam: 32
SUIT SIZE: 40L or 42R
SKILLS: Trained Actor, Fights, Falls, High Falls, Driving, Advanced Scuba Dive, Water Safety, Firearms, Burns, Sword Work, Wire Work, Sports: Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Basketball, Cyclist, Basic Rigging
TRAINING: RICK SEAMAN STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL, CPR/AED & First Aid, Degree in Acting, Improv Comedy with Second City, Water Safety/Rescue Trained. Advanced Scuba
DESCRIPTION: "I’ve know Lon for a number of years and he fills a great Stunt niche. He can carry a line, hit the ground, and doesn’t look like a “Stunt Person”. I’ve had Lon hanging by his ankle on the side of a building and carrying dialogu... View Profile Online