The Stunts Unlimited Directory is the first place our stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors search for stunt hires. Never before has any group culminated such a trusted pool of talent, vetted on an individual basis. Inclusion in this database is an endorsement from our members to our members.

Your searchable profile in our public stunt directory will include: Up to eight photos, sizes, abilities and links to your IMDB profile, website and reels.

The Process:

1. You must be sponsored by a Stunts Unlimited Member. Click here to see a full list of our Members*

2. You must submit your headshot/resume/reel and the name of your sponsor(s) to

3. Your application and personal recommendation from your sponsor(s) will be submitted to the Stunts Unlimited Board of Directors for approval.

4. If you are approved, you will have a profile on the Stunts Unlimited Directory website and will be allowed to use the Stunts Unlimited Directory Member logo on your resume.

Please contact for more information about the Stunts Unlimited Directory.

*Please note, you must have worked with a member of Stunts Unlimited to be considered for directory sponsorship. Directory members are NOT members of Stunts Unlimited and cannot be sponsors.

** Directory membership does not in any way guarantee employment nor anything from Stunts Unlimited or the members of Stunts Unlimited.

*** Stunts Unlimited reserves the right to revoke directory membership without refund at any point during the subscription for conduct unbecoming of a directory member. This includes unprofessionalism while working, bad business practices and contributing to unsafe working conditions. If there is a question of your conduct, the issues will be brought to the board of directors, which will vote for expulsion or not.